I’m Super Soft!

I’m Super Soft has a soft and bouncy feel to it and provides a flawless base makeup that lasts for hours without wasting too much makeup products. It is latex-free and has hypoallergenic properties which are healthy for all skin types.

  • Soft & bouncy feel
  • Blends best when moist
  • Flawless natural finish
  • Zero wastage of makeup
  • Latex-free 
  • Hypoallergenic


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  • [SOFT & BOUNCY] Soft bouncy texture which is soothing and relaxing for the skin.
  • [HYDROPHILIC] Hydrophilic bottom to buff out makeup for a flawless skin-like finish. This also reduces the chances of chipping and crumbing of the sponge.
  • [ZERO WASTAGE] Minimizes wastage and excess usage of makeup products compared to regular makeup sponges.
  • [EASABILITY] Created with the most modern technology, I’m Super Soft, has been made in a way that it’s quick and easy to clean, compared to average makeup sponges. 
  • [QUICK APPLICATION] Quicker makeup application compared to basic makeup sponges.
  • [LATEX-FREE & HYPOALLERGENIC] It is 100% safe to use as it has no latex and people allergic to latex can easily use it without having any side effects. It also reduces the chances of bacteria build-up.
  • [PRODUCTS TO BE USED] Both cream and powder products can be used due to the sponge’s hydrophilic properties.
  • [COVERAGE] Minimum pores and uniform density gives a better makeup coverage (from medium to full coverage) compared to regular makeup sponges. Best suited for a dewy makeup look.
  • [SKIN TYPE] All skin types can use this versatile sponge. 
  • [SUSTAINABILITY] Environment friendly as it has higher longevity.
  • [CRUELTY-FREE + VEGAN] No animals were harmed in the production process of This is She products. All items are made from plant-based ingredients and are absolutely vegan.
  • WASH: Wash it under the tap and gently squeeze to let the water soak in.
  • SQUEEZE: Squeeze with soft gentle pulse motions to get the excess water out.
  • DRY: Dry excess water with a paper towel.
  • APPLY: Now the damp sponge is ready to apply any makeup product.
  • PRECISION TIP: For applying liquid or cream concealer and powders in hard to reach areas like around the eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • EDGELESS MIDSECTION: Ideal for maximum and seamless coverage in curved areas like the nose bridge and chin.
  • ROUNDED BOTTOM: Best for applying, building, and blending any liquid, cream, or powder makeup in areas like cheeks, forehead, and neck.


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