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Best Soft and Squishy Makeup Sponge

One of the universal tools of anyone’s makeup bag is makeup sponge for the clean and smooth application of liquid foundation. Moreover, there is less wastage of product and you have the streak-free application of the product. It is designed carefully to cater all parts of your face and forthwith, the foundation becomes the part of your skin to achieve the perfect complexion you want.

Need of Makeup Sponge Puff for Flawless Makeup

The incredible tool comes in different shapes and sizes, but the oval shape sponge is commonly used because it contours the face evenly. The damp sponge fixes the product on your skin evenly either its liquid foundation or a moisturizer. Whereas a lot of makeup lovers apply foundation and makeup only with fingers. Undoubtedly fingers blend the product equally, but it is only useful when it is needed to warm up the product a bit. On the other hand, the product’s blend-ability is destroyed and makes patches on the skin.

In the same way as using fingers, brushes help in the concentrated application of liquid foundation. But the best use of brushes is for the application of powdery products. For beginners the use of the brush is quite tricky, as they don’t know exactly which brush is best for foundation application and helps to contour. Contrarily, this is she makeup sponge puff is fun for beginners, and they achieve the perfect look at the first attempt.

How to Choose a Makeup Sponge Online

Makeup sponges are the favorite tool of makeup artists and the rests are also following them. It comes in different sizes and shapes with different materials. Sometimes, it is difficult to choose the right sponge which works best for you especially when buying a new item for the first time. Follow these tips to buy beauty blender.

Soft and Squishy

Generally, make up sponge are the essential tool of women’s beauty products. This is she soft and squishy beauty blenders give the streak-free application of the liquid foundation. A beauty blender works like a sponge when you use it straight from the package. It should be equally soft in dry and damp form. Generally, the beauty blenders in sponge form are not so soft and squishy until soaked in water. On the other hand, soft and squishy beauty blenders absorb less product even in dry form.

Moreover, it gives flawless, crease-free application of liquid products around eyes and nose areas. Just wet your sponge, dot and dab on any area of your face.

Silicon Coated Sponge

Sponges with silicon are best in use and last longer than the average beauty blender. An average Beauty blender with semi silicon coat is a great absorbent of water and less absorbent of product. The sponges made of foam only either take a lot of time to absorb water or absorbs extra water when soaked. If it is not properly wet, the makeup product doesn’t blend perfectly on skin evenly. Indeed, too much watery or less damp both destroy the liquid product and do not evenly settle on your skin.


Makeup sponges are heavens for bacteria and ideal place for its growth. Beauty blenders are made up of sponges and damped on daily basis. If these are not cared properly, it could be infectious to skin because of unwanted bacteria. Beauty blenders are used of all parts of face including lips, nose especially inner corners of eyes. This is she make up sponge is Canada health approved and safe to all kinds of skin types.

  • I am super soft !
    This is she sponges.
    CAD $ 14.00

    I’m Squishy!

    Hello I’m Squishy! I’m semi-silicone coated and help reapply the excess makeup and reduce product wastage. Features: Soft & bouncy feel Blends best when moist Full coverage finish Zero wastage of makeup Absorbs and re-applies the product
    CAD $ 14.00
    CAD $ 14.00
  • I am squishy !
    This is she best super sponges.
    CAD $ 17.00

    I’m Super Soft!

    Hello I’m Super Soft! I’m soft like a marshmallow and help bounce and pack the product with ease and zero wastage. Features: Soft & bouncy feel Blends best when moist Flawless natural finish Zero wastage of makeup
    CAD $ 17.00
    CAD $ 17.00