• -9% Hot

    Adorable Brat

    Adorable Brat is a triple-layered lash fluffy and glamorous for the perfect night out in the town or brunch with your girlfriends. Its rounded shape ...
  • AU Natural

    Grace: Our soft Korean silk lashes are perfect for a very natural subtle and graceful look. They can be used every day. La Femme: The ...
  • -16% Hot


    Billionaire lashes are the most dramatic and voluminous lashes of our Luxe Collection. Voluminous, long, and dense, these rounded lashes will give you maximum volume ...
  • Dazzling Queen

    Dazzling Queen lashes are densely and doubly stacked with criss-crossed style to give the maximum volume. It provides a phenomenal root volume for a fabulously ...
  • Friendzoner

    Friendzoner is our most natural-looking lashes from all of our collections of lashes. With short length but densely packed lashes gives a voluminous look to ...
  • Grace

    Grace lashes are the lighter version of HOPELESS ROMANTIC from The Classic Collection. Packed densely in the middle with the longest lashes to create an ...
  • Hopeless Romantic

    Hopeless Romantic has double layered and densely packed lashes. These are the lighter and vegan version of  Luxe Collection Lashes in the style LUXURY QUEEN. ...
  • I’m Squishy!

    I’m Squishy has a semi-silicone top that helps provide beautiful coverage along with less product wastage features and is extremely soft. It has latex-free and ...
  • I’m Super Soft!

    I’m Super Soft has a soft and bouncy feel to it and provides a flawless base makeup that lasts for hours without wasting too much ...
  • -9% Hot

    La Bella

    La Bella is a pair of criss-crossed with lashes longer in the center and gives a natural look. So natural that you can’t even tell ...
  • La Femme

    La Femme with its thin band and light weight, it gives your lashes a subtle wispy effect to natural lashes. It has dense lashes all ...
  • Lux Glam

    Lux Glam lashes add the perfect amount of volume and length. These lashes are a must if you like a naturally fuller and soft glam ...
  • Luxury Queen

    Luxury Queen lashes add the perfect amount of volume and length. These lashes are a must if you like a naturally fuller and soft glam ...
  • Miss Elegance

    Miss Elegance lashes are corner lengthening and add dimensions to your eyes. This pair of lashes is best suited for a cat-eyed or foxy look ...
  • New Advanced SmartLiner™ Clear Adhesive

    New SmartLiner™ ADVANCED FORMULA Features: Sweat Proof Non-Magnetic 0 Downtime Water-Resistant Windproof Restickable Smudge-Proof Mess-Free NET WT 1ml (0.03 oz.)
  • Office Lady

    Office Lady lashes add the perfect amount of length. These are absolutely natural looking lashes that are a little longer in length than the Luxe ...
  • Party Queen

    Party Queen has shorter lashes in the inner and longer in the outer corners, these lashes will give you a flirtatious look while accentuating your ...
  • Queen B

    Queen B is double layered with longer outer corners, these lashes are perfect for that extra drama in your life. It is the heavier version ...
  • -15% Hot

    Show Stopper

    Show Stopper lashes are the most dramatic lashes from our Silk Collection Lashes. It adds a lot of length and volume to your natural lashes ...
  • Spoiled Princess

    Spoiled Princess is another triple-stacked for a slightly dramatic look. It’s created to give the eyes incredible length and volume, perfect for achieving a glamorous, ...