How to determine your eye shape in 2 easy steps

Have you at any point seen an eye cosmetics look that you’ve longed for reproducing? You don’t need to be a cosmetics craftsman to apply eyeshadows, yet there is some expert guidance you should contemplate before you start. We’ve assembled the best tips and deceives for eye cosmetics application for all eye shapes, hues, or skin tones. Prepare your camera; you will be taking selfies after this!

The most effective method to Apply Eyeshadow for Beginners

For individuals who are simply starting with eye cosmetics, straightforwardness is the key. Continuously start with groundwork; this guarantees your hues pop and remains on your covers throughout the day. Pick four impartial tones, one tint lighter than your skin tone, a matte mid-shading, a shade that is 2-3 times darker than your skin tone, and a feature. Snatch yourself a little and medium mixing brush, and start by making a base shading over the whole eye utilizing the lightest eyeshadow. From that point, get the mid-matte tone and start mixing in the wrinkle. Utilizing the darkest tones, daintily make a “V” on the external corner of your eyelid, forming the shape. Apply mascara and voila! This is a casual, sensitive search for learners that is delightful on all skin tones.

What You Would Need

To begin with any eyeshadow look, you need the accompanying things.


Eyelid preliminary

Eye cream

Eyeshadow hues (in a palette or people)

Fluid or pencil eyeliner

Kohl liner

Eyeshadow brushes


Lotions and creams are discretionary yet are an extraordinary method to keep your eyes looking and feeling splendid and shining. On the off chance that you wish, you can likewise utilize bogus eyelashes to add additional accentuation to your general look. This is up to you; in case you’re beginning you may wish to leave this progression until you’ve increased some additional training.

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