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  • Jan162020


    Grace+La Femme+La Bella (3 Natural Looks)


    Our soft korean silk lashes are perfect for a very natural subtle and a graceful look. They can be used every day.

    La Femme:

    The lighter version of our Dazzling Queen lashes. While still having a dense center, these soft and fluttery lashes are perfect for everyday wear.

    La Bella:

    For a very natural look. Keep them guessing with our best selling natural lash. Wearable for any occasion, they will look like your lashes but better. Reusable 15+ times with proper care.


    Lashes made from Korean Silk
    Premium Quality Product
    Beautiful, Natural, Elegant
    Canadian Brand
    Usable up to 15 times
    Soft & Comfortable
    Perfect for Full Glam or Soft Glam or Natural.
    Satisfaction Guaranteed

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