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I really love This is She Smartliner as you can pop your eyelashes very easily without applying lash glue. You don’t need to dry and as they are non-magnetic really amazing. And also does not cause any allergy, no chemical reaction as they are tested for it.



So I have been going out and doing things, I put the lashes from This is She in style Hopeless Romantic, I love these lashes and see a massive difference in my look. It’s so easy to put on with their Smartliner which is a lash adhesive, and also an eyeliner and you put your lashes on..



For my shoots or Tv serials I wear This is She eyelashes in style “The Irresistible” it gives a natural look and also uses their Smartliner to put on my lashes.




I am highly impressed with TIS SMARTLINER ™ and eyelashes. I am extremely pleased with their products. I highly recommend others to try it out themselves.

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Making TIS lashes a part of my big day was the best decision. ‘Queen B‘ is my new favorite.

@shoma rahman


It really took 4 seconds to apply my lashes with Smartliner. I’ve surely used the best lashes and eyeliner.



The eyeliner is pretty dope as it works with any lashes and sticks them pretty well.10/10 legit.



My most favourite style of lashes is ‘Queen B’ because it naturally gives dramatic look to my eyes without making me look like plastic.



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